Tiffany Kirby & Kristopher Alexander (tiny sneak peek!)

A few weeks ago I had the privilege of photographing my dear friends wedding. Tiffany and I have a long history and I was honored when she wanted to fly me out to the great state of Texas to be a part of her exciting day! Her and Kris got married at the Frio Pecan Farm in Leakey, Texas. It was absolutely gorgeous! I could not have gotten luckier with this location. I wish them both all of the happiness in the world for many many years to come.


The Newtons!

Just a little peek at Matt and Brittany’s wedding that Kristen and I shot in TN last weekend. It was her first wedding shoot and she did awesome! If it weren’t for me getting married so soon I would edit all of these because I love them! There will be more soon. Congratulations to the happy couple, the wedding was absolutely perfect!

Another trooper!

I needed to shoot some more new images to take to my internship(s) this friday with Tim Harman and The Reason so I took Malory out and shot! Once again, I have the best friends in the world because they are all such troopers when it comes to photo shoots. They make it so easy to get the shots that I want and they never complain!

Some adventure shooting!

My friend Kristen is such a trooper! I don’t think she knew what she was getting herself into when I asked if she would so some waterfall shots with me but she did awesome! The location was beautiful and she fit in perfect with her surroundings.

Chris, from The Reason, has so graciously given me the opportunity to intern with him and his wife Allie. He has gotten me messing around with Aperture. It’s something I love! ┬áIt will just take me a little to get it all down pat. I’ll stick with it after seeing how simple and quick Chris’ editing techniques were!